Aware Technologies


We build your machine learning infrastructure but instead of paying for it as an endless expensive project, you pay for it as a service and get immediate results.

We managed the development with three different strategies depending on the complexity of the project:



Customization: If we need to implement new workflows or new types of algorithms we create a separate project as an extension of the standard services.

Consulting: If your company needs to have the infrastructure integrated into your legacy system or you need improvements on your existing ML infrastructure our team of consultants will help you complete your project  

The mission of our company is to facilitate our clients the implementation of their machine learning projects with the least cost, in the shortest time possible and with no need for new hires or maintenance worries. 


Whatever the needs of your project we have you covered!

To achieve this, we develop the projects on our cloud following the client's specifications. Then the client uses their machine learning customized cloud as a service: they provide the data and we return the processed data or the parameters required by their infrastructure.

Standard services: We adapt our already developed workflows and infrastructure to complete the project as fast as possible.